Miniature Dachshunds
For Sale

We have passionately bred and given out our miniature dachshunds
for sale tomany homes around the world at very affordable prices.
Their intelligence will wow you if you work with them.
Miniature Dachshunds For Sale

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Miniature Dachshunds For Sale

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We take pride in offering healthy, AKC Registered, and pet-degree Male and female miniature dachshund puppies for sale to loving homes and people. We also take pleasure in providing prompt and personalized service, as well as honesty and dependability. With our exceptional work ethic, our major goal is to develop quality and healthy Mini Dachshund puppies for sale. We are well-known and proud of keeping open channels of communication with our consumers, and we welcome your input. Visit our kennel to adopt one of our beautiful dachshund puppies for sale.

Pet Adoption

We groom all our puppies for greatness. Puppies are well cultured and trained with great temperament.

Dog Feeding

Feed your Dachshund Puppies with healthy nutrients and a good diet. Follow our documentation after adoption to know how to keep feeding them as well.

Dog Boarding

Offer your Dachshund Puppies shelter in your home but always do well to give him his private space. As this adorable pets have cool times.

Miniature Dachshunds For Sale

We Provide Superior Roofing Services


Because our Dachshund puppies for sale are the best around! We are a family breeder who loves our Dachshunds like they are a part of the family. We live on 100 acres of beautifully wooded property. We would love to be a blessing in helping you find the perfect Mini Dachshund puppy for your family.Every year,


Our facilities are examined on a regular basis, and our puppies and their parents are given health tests. We’ve also continued to meet or exceed all of the AKC’s program standards. Our Dachshund parents’ notably long, low silhouette, ever-alert look, and strong, energetic demeanor have made them canine royalty.


By nature, dachshund puppies are very intuitive creatures. Dachshunds belong to the scent hound family because of their keen sense of smell. Despite their small size, dachshunds are noted for their bravery and willingness to fight animals much larger than themselves. Some canines are hostile to strangers and other dogs.

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Your dachshund puppy will be "imprinted" from the moment of birth by being accustomed to us. These early years of life are when the human-feline connection is created. All of the dachshund puppies we have for sale are raised by hand with daily interaction from the time they are born until they leave for their new homes. It's always very exciting to bring home a new dachshund puppy home, with those happy feelings of introducing your new dachshund puppy to your friends and family

Dachshunds Puppies

People Say The Nicest Things

Being a specialist and breeding the dachshund puppies for sale over the years have made lots of people not only saying nad giving us positive reviews but also loves our puppies too.

Christine Berkley

San Jose, CA

I have given you some photos of Annie, who we have now had for a year. She has found a home in our boys’ hearts, as evidenced by the first two photos. And you can see why they’re all exhausted in the third image. Even if they are in the tree, she does not want to leave their side. Thank you once more for your assistance in creating beautiful memories for the boys and ourselves…

David Byer

Duxbury, MA

Daisy is currently doing well and developing as happily as possible, dear Well Trained Dachshund Puppies. I’ve emailed you some images so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the light of our days (poor Cookie, my dachshund Puppy), always playing, loving us, and making amusing faces!!! Sincerely,

Vincent Darienzo


Great shelter! We adopted there today, everyone was wonderful and our new pup is amazing Adopting a new family member should be a major decision for anyone, that is why health issues should not have to be a part of that equation. We go to great lengths to ensure your puppy will be in the best of health

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Miniature Dachshunds For Sale



We are passionate lovers of Dachshund with 8 years experience and we specialize in producing Dachshund puppies with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma and temperament. Our champion-lined Dachshund is available in the following standard.

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